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ООО «Петербургский центр дезинфекции и дезинсекции» оказывает услуги по профилактической дезинфекции, дезинсекции и дератизации с 04 декабря 1997 года.

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Disinfestation, Disinsection and Disinfection

PCDD offers effective, safe and reliable services. We will develop a program to match exactly what you need, based on a thorough inspection of the location with problems. All you have to do is to sit out and relax assured that your family and your property are well protected. PCDD place great emphasis on the use of substances and equipment of high quality and the hiring of friendly, reliable, adaptable, and resourceful staff and with the proper training in the field.

- ensures under a strict control the capacity of expansion of the
infestations by fleas, flies, mosquitoes, beetles, moths of fabric, common
pests and quarantine storage, mice, rats.
- treat molds, fungi, viruses, bacteria.
- provides services to combat diseases and pests of crops in protected areas,
crop fields, green spaces, etc.
- offers advice and products for fireproofing and treating wood material and
wooden structures (beams, rafters, wall panels, roof framing)

Staff in charge of operations for disinfection, disinfestations and pest has completed a training course at an adult training provider, authorized, duly authorized as required by law to work commencing removal, disinfection and disinfestations. In order to comply with standards in constant evolution, diplomas are valid for 3 years, after which they will make a new assessment of staff.

Disinsection is the process of destruction by means of insecticidal substances harmful insects and parasites (transmitters of disease). Treatments against bugs and other creeping insects (ants) insects by spraying liquid solution – lie in the use of pesticides by ingestion and contact substances, to control adult insects and larvae. Substances are applied powdery, coarse layer in the form of aerosols. The treatment is done in two stages with an interval of 14-21 days.

Due to the experience gained in the field of our society, and according to existing health standards, we recommend that disinfection to be carried out following a series of steps to neutralize pathogens.

Phase I - Total neutralization of the rooms, made by nebulisation;
Phase II - Cleanliness of rooms (wash course);
Phase III - Disinfected by nebulisation.
After each removal (recommended two days), we harvest samples for the laboratory for determining the degree of infestation and the level of action of disinfectants substance. For indoor and outdoor surfaces we recommend using the product concentration of 1%.

Special attention should be given to the reproduction period, although urban action against rats may occur in any season.
a) urban – residential and industrial:
- inside galleries and around places with nests;
- corners and along walls;
- along traffic routes to rodents or even in areas where food is stored.
b) on field:
- when you place baits in the field, there should be considered different aspects
of rodent behavior (prevalence, mode of feeding

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